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work in progress / possible idea / not sure

single guitar; live to tape; no overdubs or effects added afterwards.

(some pedals were involved at the time, though)

may or may not turn into something else.

i don't know where i was going with this

found this lurking in a forgotten folder...

ambulance music

1 min read


More music for 4am. (Thanks to AF Harrold for the name suggestion.) 

The final collection of re-worked/re-edited/remixed older tracks from the last couple of years (together at last). 

These are back to the very late night / slow / reverb / ambient sort of things, although some drums do make an appearance on two tracks. 

Oddly (and it wasn't deliberate) these tracks are all guitar and effects/noises - no synths at all, although that was an accident. 

This is probably my favourite selection so far, although I may well change my mind next week.

As before, available on bandcamp as a pay-what-you-feel-like download

instant hang gliding

1 min read


While assembling the next collection of old tracks I ended up with these four more up-tempo(ish) and (sort-of)sample-based ones that didn't really work with the others, but did go together quite well. 

So I decided it would be better to have them on their own as a sort of EP type of thing. 

And here they are. First one is a) a bit long and b) takes a while to get going.

everything is deliberate

1 min read


Third collection of old tracks, dusted off, recycled, remixed, reworked and then finally released. 

Still fairly slow and quiet and laid back, although a couple of slightly more up-tempo numbers do creep in.

Can be downloaded from bandcamp, as usual.

and / or / not

1 min read


Another compilation of mainly older tracks, re-worked and remixed and so on. 

Mainly based on guitar loops as usual although some samples and synths do make the odd appearance. 

Actually a few up-tempo ones in this set, some drums, even. Gets a bit weird towards the end, maybe. 

(Also in the middle.)

 Available to download on bandcamp for whatever you feel like, including free.

phonological loop

1 min read


A small collection of (mainly) very old recordings, reworked and recycled, for no particular reason other than I felt like it. 

Track six gets a bit out of hand, to be honest.

Available as a pay-what-you-like download on bandcamp.